The House
The Terrace of Quitandas ", separated from the beach by a garden outside, has a reading room equipped with games and an" honesty bar ", where the tranquil sound of the choice between umchill-out or bossa-nova, may start in some of the traditional board games such as M'pale or Tchadji. Also has two balconies, and one of them, "balcony of the index," a truly idyllic setting. The second, facing the inner courtyard, gives it a more private. An inner courtyard, and a magnificent terrace of 150 m2, which allows a full view of the island and where you can switch between a magnificent sunset and an unforgettable night in the pale moonlight.

The six suites, individually decorated, offering you every comfort in an air conditioned with king-size beds or twin size bed, private bathroom, and much space.

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  • 6 Aircon Suites
  • 1 Game´s Room
  • 1 Honesty Bar
  • 2 Balconies
  • 1 Terrace
  • 3 Recreation Room
  • 1 Internal Courtyard