car magnets vs car window decal

Car Magnets Or Car Window Decal Which Is Better For Business

Let’s take a closer look at the topic of advertising on cars. Whether it is simple, effective, or cheap – these are the main aspects of concern to entrepreneurs in different fields. If you are tired of seeing that your efforts yield poor results, then it’s time to change your approach!

First of all, you will need to understand what advertising on cars is. Next, we will analyze what types of it exist and its pros and cons, whether vinyl stickers or magnets printing can be made at home.

What is advertising on cars?

It is simply a marketing toolkit located and dedicated to vehicles. There are about four methods of advertising that can be attached to the bumper, hood, doors, and engine windows. However, we will compare car magnets vs. car window decal since they are the most common and widespread.

Car advertising magnets

These are images cut from the magnetic sheets on which they were printed.

You can also say that business car magnets are one of the most cost-effective methods of conducting a PR campaign, as they can make you popular with the public without much extra spending.

What are the advantages of using car magnets for business:

 1) Easy installation

What’s more, they are easy to handle and install on your car body.

2) Easy removal

If you put them on your transport, then it will be great news for you that you can also remove them without difficulty at any time, unlike stickers, which you have to tinker with.

Among the disadvantages of custom car magnets for business, our experts highlighted the following points:

 1) May damage the topcoat of the car paint.

It will be great for car owners to suddenly discover that a clear mark remains on the car after using an advertising magnet.

 2) Short-lived.

It does not happen immediately, but over time you may suddenly notice that the magnet was lost somewhere along the way, as it was simply demagnetized.

 3) Limited in size.

Whereas stickers can cover an entire car, magnets must be strictly compliant.

Window decal

By definition, window stickers are a collection of pictures, symbols, shapes, and lettering printed or cut from special vinyl and then glued to the glass surface of a car window. You can often see them on various shop windows in shopping centers, although they are also great for a car.

What are the benefits of window decal?

 • Durability and strength.

They are perfectly protected from weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail, and even the sun.

 • It can be cleaned.

To make the stickers live longer, it is enough to wash them regularly with a non-abrasive washcloth. With such care, they will serve you for several years.

 • Ease of installation.

Just as with magnets, it is easy to make and apply to a car.

 • Does not spoil the coating of the vehicle.

It is always applied to glass, although they can be attached to the rest of the machine with some additional processing.

 • Can cover a large area.

If the magnets are very limited in size due to the work of physical laws, then you can completely cover the window with stickers, and there will be no problems.

There is only one drawback of stickers – they are tough to remove from the surface. However, if you were planning on doing a permanent ad, why would you want to shoot it, right?